Sunday, December 26, 2010

Knooked Hat Crown Down FREE PATTERN


By: Ronda Chapman OffTheHookArt
Starting at the crown and Knitting in the Round

Size G Knook
4 ply worst yarn
Needle to weave ends
Read through directions once before starting would be helpful.
Using Magic ring CO
1) Cast on 10
2) Knit around (10)
3) 2 knits in each knit (20)
4) Knit around (20)
5) Inc, knit 1 around (30)
6) Knit around (30)
7) Inc, Knit 2 around (40)
8) Knit around (40)
9) Inc, Knit 3 (50)
10) Knit around (50)
 Keep increasing until you have the circumference needed using same method above.
 Inc, adding 1 knit around, in increased row.

These are approximate everyone comes in different sizes
Preemie 40 st
Newborn 50 st
Toddler 60 st
Child 70 st
Women’s 80 st
Men’s 90 st
Then knit the same # of stitches in each row until you have the height you need.
Preemie height   5 to 5.5"
Newborn height = 5.5 to 6”
Toddler height = 8" 
Child height =8.5" 
Woman height = 11" 
Man height = 11"-11.5" 
5 rows = 1 inch.
Do ribbing for last 5 rows (Knit 1, Purl 1)
Bind off and weave ends.


  1. I see your row gauge is 5 rows = 1 inch -- what is the stitch gauge?
    5 rows per inch is

    Normal worsted st. st. gauge is in the area of 5 sts and 6 1/2 rws per inch on a 4 1/2 mm (US 7) knitting needle.

  2. I meant to say 5 rows per inch is a bit loose for worsted wt. yarn.

  3. I'm new to knooking. Just started about 3 days ago I was wondering what is the magic co ring in this pattern? Is it hard to convert a normal knitting pattern to knooking? I also tried knitting. I can crochet but I am too clumsy with the knitting needles. Thanks for any help you can give me.

  4. Sorry for just getting back with you. If you crochet it is similiar to magic ring in crochet except you knit around the loop by this I mean (hopes this make sense)*pull up a loop on ring, chain 1 on loop just made*, continue * * until you have as many starting knits as you need.

  5. Oh and no its not hard to knook a knitting pattern, but you should learn knitting terms and learn how to knook

  6. I am do you knit 2 into one stitch? I have tried a couple of different ways, and I get big holes. How did you do it?

    1. Did you ever figure this out? I haven't been able to do it

    2. Go to the Leisure Arts web site and they have videos of how to do k2tog. Hope this helps.

  7. Oh how I would love some step by step pictures to go with this pattern. I know it's a pretty basic concept, but I want the 101 course :).

  8. go to leisure arts site and they have a step by step video

  9. have been away from knooking for a while doing craft fairs and commissions.. plan on getting backy to it when finished.

  10. Thank you thank you thank you! I was kinda sad that my knook book didn't come with directions for hats, as that is my favorite thing to make. I'm obviously going to have to get your book next. ;) I am dying for a beret pattern, I haven't look around much here yet, but if you don't have a pattern for one, might I request/suggest it? Thank you for all the wonderful goodies!

  11. Hello! I am an avid crocheter and knitter, but am baffled by the will it work in place of dpn's? I knit 'socks for soldiers' and 'knitted knockers'. I would love to try to knook these items since I am sooooo much faster at crocheting (35yrs experience and counting). Any suggestions?

  12. This is the first time I have ever heard of knooking and can't wait to give it a try. I used to be able to knit but since taking up crochet I find it hard to knit. Can't wait to give it a go.

  13. Please help! I can not figure out how to do the magic ring and then cast on. Thank you.

  14. I didn't have the money for the knook tool, so I made my own. I just taped a shoelace to the bottom of my desired crochet hook and walah! Works just fine. I love to crochet and used to knit a very long time ago, but have not got the skills for both needles due to medical issues with my hands. So I just finished my first scarf knooking and I love it.