Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Casting On

Casting On (CO)

There are many methods of casting on in knitting.

1st Chain stitch number of stitches you need. (To make a chain, make a slip knot loop, yarn over hook draw yarn through loop, continue until you have number of chains you need.)  put your hook in 2nd chain from hook, YO and draw up a loop. Keep the loop on you hook and continue down your chain, drawing up a loop on each chain. When you get to the end of te chain pull all the of the loops onto your life line. CO complete.

 3rd Magic Ring CO- For starting in the center and working in the round (example: top down hats)  (similar to the magic ring in crochet) - Wrap the yarn around your fingers to form a loop, insert your hook through loop, YO working yarn draw yarn through, YO draw loop through loop on hook, (pull working yarn to tighten stitch, 1 stitch CO. Continue until you have the stitches needed. Pull the tail to close the hole, fasten and weave ends

Yo working yarn and draw through again.


  1. Hi Ronda!

    Man, I just happened upon your site from Ravelry. I am sitting here stunned, ooohing and ahhhing! I so want to learn to do this. When will your book be out? I know I'm gonna purchase this, and I'm sure you'll get tons more who are liking this just like myself!


    Lydia Hamre

  2. Thanks Lydia like stated in the blog as soon as it is reviewed I will put it up in PDF file in my Etsy store. I will post on my blog when that has been done.

  3. I can't wait either. I crochet, but always wanted to learn how to knit. To me, crochet is faster than knitting, but knitting is prettier than crochet. FINALLY---we that crochet will be able to crochet and our work will look like it's been knitted. YEA!!!!!! THANK YOU!!

  4. I'm so happy I found your site and the pattern ffor the beanie hat....the only thing I can't figure out is "2 knits in each knit" please help me.

  5. Hi Ronda I need help I justed to knook and want to know if you can use normal knitting patterns I want to make a sweater
    and purse but don't know how to get started

    Becky Herges

  6. Yes you can use any knitting pattern

  7. @patti jo "2 knit in each knit" is just an increase really. If you go to section of blog with directions on increases it will show you how to do that. Happy Knooking!!

  8. I just stumbled onto your site. I have seen knock books, and now this blog. Problem is, I don't see where one can purchase knooks...live in
    southern CA vicinity of Torrance.
    Thanks for your ideas.

  9. What is the name of your etsy store? I would like to buy your book. Does your book have anything in it about left-handed nooking. I am going to buy it whether it does or not.

  10. I have been trying to figure out how to make a magic ring as I am new to knooking. Thanks for this post

  11. I have been trying to figure out how to make a magic ring as I am new to knooking. Thanks for this post