Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another Knook Hook

So I made my own knook hook that has a pointy end like a knitting needle. And found that it made purling much easier to do and over all knooking quicker. Pictured below.
But I found it to be alot of work to have to wittle the wood.  So I had a bamboo set that I ordered from ebay and did the unthinkable.....but it worked.  I put my hook into a pencil sharpener and sharpened away and got a beautiful point to my hook.  I just sanded it down a little to get rid of any roughness and you have to be careful not to over sharpen the hook off.

Bamboo set from ebay

My handy pencil sharpener

My hook after sharpening.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lefted Handed Version Available

With much discussion recently on left and righted handed directions, and I only having right handed directions available.  I sat down and made up a left hand version of "I'd Rather Be Knooking".  All the same information is available in left handed version is in the right handed version.  When you make a purchase of the book please indicate with your payment which version you would like.  I hope this will help out everyone.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


For those of you who are not a member of the Ravelry site or are and don't know about the knooking group there, It is worth checking out.  I am co-moderator there with 3 other helpful ladies and many other supportive members, if you need help with knooking.

Monday, April 25, 2011

How Can I Help You

Is there anything you would like to see on this blog? Let me know and leave a comment.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Knooked Bobbles

Knooked Bobbles
Ronda Chapman 2011

Worst yarn
G Knook hook
Double Crochet Cluster: 3 double crochet together
** Across

Cast on 22
1)      Chain 2 in 4th chain from hook, Double Crochet Cluster (in next stitch), *chain 2 in next stitch twice, Double Crochet Cluster (in next stitch).*               * * across
2)      Purl across.
3)      *Chain 2 in next 2 stitches, Double Crochet Cluster, Chain 2 in next 2 stitches.*    **across.
4)      Purl across.
5)      Steps  3-4 for length wanted.
6)      Bind off, weave ends.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sock Knooking Hook

So many want to knook a pair of socks, but it has been hard finding a small enough hook to do that. If your handy then here's a way to make your very own sock knooking hook.


Pony Bead Lacing  2-3 Feet
Hand File
2.75 mm Boye Aluminum Hook (or hook of choice)

File around the end of the hook creating a post so it can accept pony bead tubing.

Slip tubing on to hook.And happily knook a pair of socks. For more sercurity you can glue tubing onto hook to make sure it doesn't slip away.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


NOTE: Video is shown left handed. Written intructions are right handed.
For all of you having a horrible time learning or doing the knooking purl stitch. Here's another way you can go about knooking both with the knitted and purl stitch. This method WILL NOT work doing increases and decreases or other stitches I have shared on this blog because you are entering the stitch differently.  READY!!!! 
Just in case you didnt see note above: Video is left handed written instructions are right handed.

First: Knit stitch- You will go through your stitch Right to Left just as you have been CATCH instead of yarning over keep your working yarn UNDER your hook and pull through the stitch. Knit stitch complete.
Second: Purl stitch -Ok, working yarn to the Front, go through the stitch Right to Left just like the knit stitch, NOW put you working yarn to the back, Yarn Over and pull through the stitch.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Video on Easier Purling

So to clarify I am left handed although you would never know it from this blog or my ebook. I have reversed all of the pictures and written instruction into a right handers perspective. Recently I have heard alot of knookers saying they are having a hard time with the purling. So I have made up a video but being left handed and not being able to reverse a video it is shown left handed. I hope all of you right handers get something out of it anyways. Just an idea for anyone with problems with your hands and holding onto the the lifeline, try using some kind of clip instead. If your still having trouble with your purling experiment with different types and sizes of lifelines.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Falling Water Knook Along

So on Ravelry the Knooking group is having a knook along. We are knooking the "Falling Water" scarf by Bonnie Sennott. I really don't have the time or need to make a scarf so I am just doing a washcloth with the repeat. So far turning out pretty good. This pattern uses knit,purl,left and right decreases, and yarn over increases. And just so you know all the participants are doing a great job with their projects.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hooks- What kind of hooks can I use?

When just starting out I would recommend a locker hook. (You will need a lifeline -dress shoelace or yarn) You can find them in the latch rug aisle at the craft store for just a couple of dollars. Down fall no thumb rest and come only in 2 sizes (about G and 2mm)

Another possible hook is to modifiy one you alreadly own wood or metal. Drill a hole into the end of your hook. I drill straight down into the hook, but some like to taper the end and drill into the side.

I also have a Denise set. Which I had to modify because I found the cable was to stiff to work with. So I clipped the smallest cable that came with my set and pushed a dress shoe lace into the hallow end. Works great.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

All Twisted Up Knook Square

"All Twisted Up"
Knook Square

Worst Yarn
G Knook Hook

NOTES:Should know how to knook (knitting with a crochet hook) and Double Crochet.

Co on 22 stitches using Chain Co. Co in bumps on back of chain to give a more finished edge.

1) Purl
2) Knit
3) Purl


4) Ch 2 in 1st stitch=dc, *skip one stitch dc in next. DON NOT BIND OFF,leave loop on hook. Dc in skipped stitch. DO NOT BIND OFF, leave loop on hook.* ** to end, dc in last stitch.


5-7) Rows 1-3
Continue with rows 4 and rows 1-3 until you have a 5 1/2 inch square. You should have 5 of row 4.
Bind off, tie off, weave ends.
by Ronda Chapman
OffTheHookArt 2010