Saturday, January 1, 2011

All Twisted Up Knook Square

"All Twisted Up"
Knook Square

Worst Yarn
G Knook Hook

NOTES:Should know how to knook (knitting with a crochet hook) and Double Crochet.

Co on 22 stitches using Chain Co. Co in bumps on back of chain to give a more finished edge.

1) Purl
2) Knit
3) Purl


4) Ch 2 in 1st stitch=dc, *skip one stitch dc in next. DON NOT BIND OFF,leave loop on hook. Dc in skipped stitch. DO NOT BIND OFF, leave loop on hook.* ** to end, dc in last stitch.


5-7) Rows 1-3
Continue with rows 4 and rows 1-3 until you have a 5 1/2 inch square. You should have 5 of row 4.
Bind off, tie off, weave ends.
by Ronda Chapman
OffTheHookArt 2010


  1. I just got my Knook kit. I crochet and knit but like this method. I am wondering though about larger projects like afghans. Do you just create a longer cord for the larger projects? If so, what to you recommend for this? I started a project last night, but I really don't want to have pieces for this particular afghan.

    1. I know this is late but there's a 10 hook kits being sold by leisure arts (plastic, unfortunately, but they still work and im sure there will be metal ones soon) and they come with 3 different lengths of cord, one for afghans. And if you only have short cords available, try using a binder clip or something similar to clip the end of your cord so stitches dont slide off, and just un-bunch it every now and then. :]

  2. Im a miniature crocheter for a small doll, 6".. I have wanted to knit but am extremely clumsy with needles..this method allows me to make the small doll clothes. I had my husband take a metal crochet hook size 7, flatten the end and drill a hole and smooth it out so it doesn't snag. I had the silky cord. It worked the first time I ever used it to make a shawl for my dolly, by starting with 30 st's and decreasing on each end till the last two. Thank you for this method, I can now knit easily.

  3. I just bought mine. I love crochet but haven't had any luck knitting. This works great, but I have trouble when there are a lot of stitches(50 or more). I'm wondering if there's a way to convert knit or crochet patterns for the knook. Maybe it's a lot easier than I think and my brain isn't working that way, but any help/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.