Thursday, December 23, 2010

Knooking Increase


There are a few ways to increase. 

 1st Yarn over (YO) (Mostly used for lace.) Put your yarn over the hook returning yarn to back, knit in next stitch. Leaves a big hole

2nd   M1 - Pull up a loop in the horizontal strand in between stitches. To do this take the horizontal strand with you hook to the back of strand, twist it, YO and draw yarn through twisted loop. Depending which way you twist your loop will determine a left or right increase


  1. Thanks for the pics!

  2. Hi I was glad to see the increases but have a question. Can you tell me which way to twist for the left and right increase. I did my first charted lace pattern on the knook and didn't know how to do the increase so I made up a way to do it. This gave me an increase to set up my row to start the pattern it is in effect a twisted stitch but not done by using the bar like the m1. I inserted the hook left to right in the loop pulled up a stitch and then did it again in the same loop right to left.

  3. Just what I was looking for, thank you!