Sunday, December 26, 2010

Knooking Decrease


There are two I am going to show you

1st K2tog Right slant- Skip your first stitch put the hook in second stitch than put your hook in first (helpful to use your finger’s to pull first stitch onto hook), YO and draw yarn through both stitches.  It’s a little tricky but possible.
Skip 1st stitch

Insert into 2nd then pull 1st stitch onto hook.

YO and draw working yarn through loops.
 Knit2Together Rgith Slant Decrease

2nd SSK Left slant- Put your hook through two stitches, YO and draw yarn through both

 (SSK) Skip Skip Knit Left Slant Decrease


  1. I am new to knooking and making a pair of socks. At the heel flap where it says to slip 1 k1, do I do the left slat decrease?

  2. Quero aprender, mas não sei onde comprar dessa agulha. Muito interessante!